What color accessories would go with black and white shower curtain?

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Ms.CuteCaDiva asks:

We’re about to move into a new place and I’ve decided to decorated my husband’s bathroom a black and white look. I just bought a vinyl shower curtain that’s a soft white and has blocked black and gray boxes on it. It’s really nice and trendy. But I don’t know if I should go with black rugs and red bathroom accessories or just black rugs and accessories. I would like a touch of red in the bathroom but I don’t know where to add it. I know how to decorate when I already have the items but I don’t know how to pull different colors together to create a dramatic effect. Any advice would be appreciated it!!!!

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Answer by Johnny A
red stuff.

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  1. my bathroom is black and white and the “pop” color I chose was a vibrant green…its in the light fixtures…but my towels are gray and white….I have two rugs one is white and one is black, I rotate them…the soaps are the same green as what is in the lights….and the plant I put in there also pops the green…the red as a “pop” color sounds great just bring it in in small ways so it pops rather than takes over

  2. With black & white I’d go with red, hot pink or aqua. If you want red, I’d go with a red rug & towels and black or grey accessories. Otherwise,I ‘d go with black rug & turquoise or aqua accessories. (Forget the hot pink, nice for us gals, but I just re-read that it’s your hubby’s bathroom, so I’m guessing he wouldn’t go for the hot pink!)

  3. I think red would be too art deco for a man. I know my husband wouldn’t like it. I would go with black & silver accessories. if you must add red , how about using decorative curtain shower hooks in red or a picture with a splash of red. An alernative to add color with a more masculine feel would be adding blue (more of a grey blue rather than a bright blue).

  4. Try Peir 1 Imports, the store. They usually hae great trendy items for decorating. Anyting cubey- For the rug I picture a fluffy black one…good luck and remember to have fun. I think black would be a bit depressing by itself…try to lighten it up a bit.

  5. I would definately go with red accessories. Accessories are nto too expensive for a try out. Yet are enough to add that zip you are looking for. There are also accessories in a granite grey available, or stone blue. But I think you have it right with the red to give it a punch without going overboard.

  6. Since you want a trendy and put together look, I think a nice bright red will complement the black and white perfectly. You said you want just a touch of red, so why not add red shower curtain hooks? Red knobs and slide pulls on any drawers and closets would accent nicely. The big stuff you can do with the black and white colors, because in this case, they create the background by which the red will show up in a neat way. Little details in red are definitely the way to go, especially if you have a nice print on the wall that combines all the colors in the room. Be creative and have fun with it!

  7. Red. Absolutely red. I’ve seen it done. It looks great. But not too much red. The towels and maybe a few accessories. I’d go with a black rug.

  8. Buy a framed piece of art (poster, photograph, etc) to put in the bathroom & pull a bright color from that. Just use it in a few places though. Maybe just hand towels, or a small sculpture.

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