What can I use to replace plastic trash bags?

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Lydia asks:

I usually use the plastic bags from grocery store as trash bags. It used to be my way of justifying the ‘reuse’ part of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ they taught us in school. Now I know that plastic bags never really decompose, I don’t want to use them anymore. What are my options for holding (for lack of better word) my trash?

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Answer by Steven Tanner
use tires, then burn them when they’re full.

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  1. Bags are required in most cities. And closed by tying and
    or a twisty tie.

    IF you can find paper gabage bags you could use those.
    Oh wait your trying to be enviro friendly., Using paper
    kills forests, Thats why we went to plastic in the first place.
    Of course you’d have to be older than 40 to remember that
    little point.
    The best interim solution, recycle what you can, that way you use LESS plastic bags.,You can get a canvas washable bag to get groceries in. That is, if you only get a days worth of groceries at a time…..

  2. im surprised i didnt see anybody else mention this unless i overlooked it but….just dont use bags anymore and hose the inside of the can down. the guys that come to take the garbage away could care less if theres a bag in the can – theyll just turn it over and dump everything out. again you just have to be willing take that xtra step of washing/rinsing out the can.

  3. I love it! I did to! They fit perfectly in the waste baskets in various parts of my home! I used to tell folks: I will gladly take them if you don’t want them! Saved me a lot of $ by doing it that way! I still have some, so am continuing to use them in just this same way! I will check into the biodegradable ones tho when I am finished! Seriously, there is a lot of your garbage that can be used in compost piles if you can have one or know someone who has one, I am an advocate for every city having one! Then you will have far LESS trash; buy the way, coffee grounds, etc go into empty coffee cans til dried out; then I put in into composts!

  4. Wal-mart sells 60% recycled trash bags, they are made by good sense and there is 20 bags that are 30 gallon $ 1.66
    the more you recycle the less you will have to fill up your trash bag.
    more info on the recycled bags: go to your local walmart or call see if they carry the trash bags with the upc:2990021173 if thats not the code there is a small 0 at the begining and a small 6 at the end they can figure it out for you

  5. This is a tough question to answer. Many modern landfills are designed in a way that severely restricts the flow of oxygen (anerobic environment) and thus decomposition of all materials, including paper, yard waste, and food waste, so paper bags aren’t really any better in that case. The best option I see is to not use bags at all, but to place the trash in the trash bin. This works best when you aren’t putting a lot of wet items into the bin (like in the office or bathroom). Of course, this will require cleaning the trash bin more often.

    Another option is to just reduce the amount of bags you use by placing a bag in the bin, and emptying the trash, but not the bag until it gets gross. You also could get those biodegradable bags and after you empty the trash in that way, take the bag out and compost it??? Depends how into it you wanna be I guess.

  6. Use paper bags, the old fashioned way.
    Or investing in a trash compactor may be a better solution for many families. If you compact the trash and have 1 – or 2 bags a week verses 10-20 grocery plastic bags.

  7. Begin a recycle program of your own. The more you recycle the less bags you would use. It may come down to the point that laws on recycling will have to be put in place in order to save the environment.

  8. u got a nice eco – friendly thinking ……………..use news paper s……………& make 2 thrash box – 1 for dry garbage & other 4 wet………….& try 2 get less poly bags in any way……….

  9. This doesn’t answer the question but it is just another point to consider. IF you were to continue using plastic bags for your trash, if you generate less trash in the first place, you won’t be going through as many bags. (Environmental issues can be address at the front end aka prevention and the back end aka remediation but I’ve found that a lot of people forget about the prevention / reduction option.)

  10. You can arrange with your trash person to dump your can of garbage(minus bag) directly into the truck and clean it out each time? 😉

  11. You can go back to paper but you will regret the mess.

    BTW the notion that plastic does not decompose, is not only misleading, but a border line outright lie.

    I have seen it, I know what it does, and in less than 20 years its gone.

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