What are some tankmates that could go with Goldfish with divider?


Slyfy asks:

What other non goldfish could one get if there was a divider in place?
Thats why I said there would be a divider in place, I was just wondering if any cold water species would work. But I guess because of the high ammonia levels it wouldn’t

Best answer:

Answer by Dog Crazy
only other goldfish, sorry.
Goldfish can only live with goldfish because they are cold-water fish (non-tropical), and can’t go with any tropical fish. I hope you have your goldfish, no matter what the size, in a 30+gallon tank.

2 thoughts on “What are some tankmates that could go with Goldfish with divider?

  1. Plecos, ottos, other goldfish, ghost shrimp, snails. I have 3 fancy goldfish, a rubberlip pleco, some ottos, some ghost shrimp, and a snail in a 50 gal. They do fine but I sometimes have to get more shrimp cuz they get eaten O_o

  2. There’s not that much of a selection to add to a tank with goldfish. There’s two reasons for this.
    One is goldfish are not a tropical fish, they generally tend to do much better in a tank with relatively lower temperatures than most other fish you can find available in most pet stores. Another reason not to mix goldfish with tropicals is the amount of ammonia released by the goldfish. If not properly filtered and/or treated, the ammonia levels can kill other fish before it affects the goldfish. If the tank is adequately monitored and/or filtered and of sufficient size, it is possible to keep tropicals in the same tank as goldfish, but you will need to remember that even though most goldfish are not necessarily aggressive, they will eat anything they can fit in their mouths. Those mouths will become fairly large assuming the fish live long enough. I’ve seen very small feeders outgrow an Oscar.

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