What age should children take their own bath insted being together?


Proud mom of 3 asks:

Right now my boys are 6 and one be four next month. They are still taking bath together and having fun. I am wondering what age should they be taking their own baths without one being in there. I know right now they have no problem taking a bath together and they have fun taking the bath together. I just wondering want age should they stop taking bath together.

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Answer by Velken
Since they are the same sex, I don’t see an issue until the eldest asks about bathing solo. You might even ask him if he wants to try bathing by himself. I have different sex children and when my daughter got a bit too curious about brother’s penis (she was 2-3), then it was time for seperate baths! I have no issue with him playing with it, but not her!

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  1. every child is different its hard to say I would say around 7 or 8 but then again u can let the oldest tell you he doesnt want to take a bath with his brother anymore. go with ur gut

  2. I don’t think that you should worry especially since they are same sex. In different cultures things are treated differently. In some scandinavian countries it’s not unusual for entire families to be naked. It’s just not seen as a taboo. They will probably start to give you hints when one of them starts to think about his changing body. This will probably start when he attends kindergarten and is more aware of his “private” space.

  3. I would say now to be honest. Four isn’t a problem, but since your eldest is six it would be best to start now so it wont be so difficult when older. My cousin and myself took bathes together (both girls) since we were little ones up until I was about five.

  4. My daughters were taking baths with each other until my oldest was ten years old and that’s because she was just starting to become a young lady and developing.

  5. the time to stop is when their is more fighting than playing. Mine (boy/girl twins) stopped at 8 as according to them the bath was getting smaller lol , i explained it is them getting bigger. Now they just have showers.
    My friends girls are 9 and 7 and still bath together. You will know when it is time. They will tell you

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