25 thoughts on “Sphynx kitten’s bath time

  1. Some People say these cats are ugly, get a life if you look under all your cats fur it looks like that so shut up 🙂 I love your cat tho Seriously

  2. if you get the cat to meow sphynx backwards, it gets teleported to the 5th dimension from whence it came. im not joking people. *_*

  3. Thats really awesome!

    Kittehs almost got this contraption figured out.
    You made it work, why shouldent it work when he tries it?

  4. @PSNthesniperelite1
    are you allergic to the fur or the dander?

    try interacting with a ragdoll!
    they are known to be ‘allergen free’
    and i bet they’re a lot less expensive to adopt

  5. Gasp! An alien fell in your pool! OH wait, thats a not an alien thats my sister in law’s kid. XD Shh, dont tell her i said that!

  6. @maharley27 Thats not funny, don’t be trying to make fun of her cat like that just because he/she dosen’t have fur!

  7. @ItachiX42 -Oh god. Lighten up! He’s so ugly that he’s cute! Thats what i was trying to say. Anyways Life goes on. Just another cat video in the matrix.

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