Slanty Shower Curtain Rods

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4 thoughts on “Slanty Shower Curtain Rods

  1. Thanks for watching! Our neighbors are VERY handy. You’re right that everything s-l-a-n-t-s in old homes. Isn’t that why we love them so much? (As I get older, I’m learning to love my lack of being straight and level, too….) :>)

  2. Well put, and a excellent job. (almost sounded like a t.v. comercial.) I made a curtain rod out of 1/2″ gavanized pipe connected together with t’s, elbows and flanges to the walls and ceiling. It looks great and I could do pull-ups on it as well.

  3. Thanks for watching and the kind comments! Our friend teachers shop class and is generally very handy and articulate; a great friend and neighbor! Your curtain rod projects sounds fantastic! It would be great to have one sturdy enough to exercise on — a great idea!

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