Simple problem about how to attach a shower radio to a moped!?!? Not a wiring problem! Just need design ideas!

Shower Hook

A H asks:

I have a shower radioan emerson shower radio which can be seen at the url below:
I have a yamaha riva razz 50cc moped, which can also be seen at the url below:

Anyways i want to hook up the shower radio somewhere below the “dashboard” of the scooter. It has a fiberglass body and the area below the “dash” looks like half of a hexagon. Meaning it has a flat section and two angled sections. I would like to avoid drilling but if necessary i will, but i would rather find a simpler situation, such as using zip ties etc. Any design ideas will be greatly appreciated!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Rick G
yuo need to look this guy up, he’s a expert at this sorta thing.

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