Sagging “L” shaped shower curtain rod, how do we fix it so it doesn’t droop?

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cakelady asks:

We have a curved “L” shaped shower curtain rod that we replaced about 6 months ago because the old one drooped. Now within the last couple of months, the new one is now drooping. Does anyone know how to fix this? We do not have the space or money in that bathroom for a remodel, we just want to have a shower curtain that doesn’t droop at the L. Any suggestions will be appreciated!!!
The previous owners of our house dropped the ceiling, so there is nothing to secure a chain or bracket to without chancing the ceiling being ripped apart. We also don’t hang anything on the rod besides the shower curtain. I’m just lost and don’t know what to do without expensive remodeling/repairs.

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Answer by uther_aurelianus
Attach a rod or wire from the middle of the rod to the ceiling. This will prevent being able to open the curtain the whole way, but it will counter your droop.

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  1. If it’s a drop ceiling with those tracks to hold the tiles, just use some wire to secure it to one of the tracks. It isn’t that heavy, surely. The ceiling track can give some relief.

  2. use a heavier rod or reinforce the one you have.
    some are hollow, a dowel or broom handle in the middle would stiffen it.

  3. First of all check the the attachments and supports at each end. If they are secured then find the the mid way point between the the two supports and reinforce it with either a bracket, decorative chain or wire from the ceiling. Avoid hanging wet towels, bath mats and clothes on the rod.

  4. how long is the rod? how heavy is the curtain? if it keeps drooping in the middle the someone is putting too much weight on it for dryin towel bath mats etc if its over six feet you need to put in a center support hook screwed into the ceiling joist to releive the pressure, also get a stronger rod next time the one you picked out definatly is a waste of $ $

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