Puppy chews shoes off the shoe rack when we are not home?

Shoe Rack

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She has plenty of toys but she still wants our shoes. I understand she wants them probably because the shoes smell like us and she is still teething. Do any of you know of a shoe rack that has a cover? It’s most convenient for us to have our shoes in the livingroom by the door and we are a household that takes off our shoes in the house. I saw a few on the target website but they received bad reviews.

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Answer by DP
Crate the puppy when you aren’t home.. Safer for the dog, you won’t have to worry about her getting into something that could kill her..

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  1. When my puppy started chewing on things as she began teething we got her a variety of toys. Her favorite seems to be a Kong teething toy and the Chill Bone (it is a cloth bone shaped toy that you soak in a water and freeze). If you see her start to chew on something she shouldn’t, give her a firm no and turn her attention to an appropriate toy. Another thing that may help is to get some Bitter Apple Spray (Pet Supplies Plus carries it) and spray on the shoes. The taste usually causes the items to loose its appeal.

    I agree with others that Crating the dog is the safest option, but hopefully the tips I have posted will be helpful as well.

  2. My home USED to be one like yours where we left our shoes by the front door…it was SOOOO convenient. But they go in our closet now, even though I crate trained, it was too much of a temptation for our puppy (now a dog)…having a puppy is just like having a baby…you need to puppy-proof everything! I decided that if I didn’t want something chewed up, it got put away 🙂

    Good luck with your pup!

  3. You can crate her, give her plenty of chew toys, but also spray your shoes with Bitter Apple. Most dogs won’t touch something that has been sprayed with that – tastes nasty. That way she chooses to chew something else on her own.

    Good chew toys when they’re teething include Kong, rope toys, compressed rawhide (not regular), and toys made of the same type of rubber as the Kongs. I believe they also make toys you can freeze now, but I do not have direct experience with those.

  4. Depending on how big your shoe rack is, maybe you could put it inside one of those large plastic bins with a lid. If it were me, I’d get a hanging shoe rack and put it in my coat closet to keep the puppy away. Or you could get a table to put the shoe rack on, so it’s elevated higher than the puppy can reach.

  5. I’d crate the puppy while you’re not home. They really don’t mind it at all. Make sure you get a water dish that attaches to the inside. Put a beach towel in (that you can fold under the tray). I wouldn’t put a cushion in because your puppy might decide to chew it and eat the stuffing. Give her a safe chew toy when you leave.

  6. I would recommend crate training your puppy for times like these. Puppies are like small children. They need constant supervision and when your not there a crate works as a playpen would for a child. It keeps them safe and gives you peace of mind knowing everything will be fine when you return.

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