ProForm Elliptical with SpaceSaver Design – Item: 215-791

Prices subject to change. Please visit or call 1-800-284-3100 for the current selling price. Bored with your exercise routine and want to try something different? The ProForm SpaceSaver Elliptical machine might just be the answer with its low-impact and overall body conditioning. It’s also great for anyone looking to add some variety to their existing fitness routine. ProForm SpaceSaver Elliptical Machine Features: Fold-Away SpaceSaver design lets you fold the base and pedals vertically for maximum storage ease 3-position Adjustable Stride helps people of almost any height comfortably use the machine ClearView backlit display makes it easy to read even in low light SMR Silent Magnet…

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10 thoughts on “ProForm Elliptical with SpaceSaver Design – Item: 215-791

  1. How long is this guareenteed to last?….$550 doesnt seem to be expensive at ALL!…whats wrong with it?..does it have an Incline!

  2. We don’t have this exact model in stock, now. But there’s one comparable with, I think, even more built-in features. Prices range from about $200 to $550, and most come with free S&H. Go to our website – keyword: ellipticals – to check them out. Exact features and warranties are in the product descriptions.
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  3. I bought one of these (the 850 model), and I had a really hard time putting it together. I still would recommend it as a way to get an elliptical under $1000.

  4. proforms machine very uncomfortable, first all ten mins into exercsing my toe would go numb secondly elliptical is 2 years old and the console broke, and last my feet is damage beyond repaired and am I am only 150. 5ft 8 inches, I only wanted to get rid of the extra baby weight inseatd it looks like i got rid of my feet, also my hubby have the same issue

  5. You may want to talk to your physician about this, because you may have other problems or it could be the kind of shoes you’re wearing. Not all exercise equipment is for everyone. And I’ve learned that injuries can happen if not used properly.
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  6. I have tried many other shoes, I use to run three miles before I had the elliptical and my feet never went numb. After my son was born I started running again but decided to buy proform Elliptical space saver for days when I could not go and for the winter months, 10 mins into the exercise my feet would go go NUMB…my husband had the same issue, two years into owning the machine the console broke

  7. i have this and it works good i have been using it for 3 weeks and i have noticed results already …. it came with a trainer card i love it i dont have to go the gym anymore

  8. I have an old Proform 3000E. Lost over 22kgs in 6 months. Considering getting one of these. I was looking at the 480 SpaceSaver. Is this virtually the same model?

  9. Proform has many different models with different features and prices. We have 12 on our website, now, ranging from about $450 to $1000. I’ll email you the link and suggest you compare features to figure out which are most important to you so you buy one that does what you need without paying for extra features you won’t use.
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