25 thoughts on “Nyko Wii Charge Station Review

  1. this thing ruined my wii remote I HATE NYKO it ruined it in less then a month i got the energizer oh my gosh its way beter

  2. Hey Steph, I was wondering if you noticed any sliding with the Nyko battery covers, as my normal white battery covers slides back and forth a tiny bit. It drives me crazy for some reason! are the nyko covers better with no shifting once you snap them into place? if so I’m gonna pick em up this week sometime!


  3. Just some questions. Getting a Wii soon.
    Does the back interfere with the Wii Motion Plus add-on?
    Does it come with one or two battery packs? In all the pictures in catalogs it only shows one.
    How many hours of play time does this offer you approx.?
    And finally, does this still work good for you?

  4. guys i have this usb battrie charger that you would plug into a laptop but it seems to work in my wii to i olney put it in for about a minute and i looked like the battries were charging fine if i leave in in there and have the battries finish charging will it hurt my wii in any way

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