21 thoughts on “new shelving unit!!

  1. excellent! favourited this is inspiring for when I get my own place. I have those DBZ figures too! the pinhead looks awsome!
    also great DVD collection and anime! I had alot of anime DVDs like you including azumanga and chobits but my mum got rid of them because she didn’t want me to have them =

  2. thats correct hah even school rang up because they were concerned. I printed out a picture of Vegeta and I took it to math and every one turned it over and says OH MY GOD WHY YOU WATCHING LITTLE KIDDIES CHINESE CARTOONS FOR… = and then the teacher whisperd.. “you’d better bin that.. people are laughng ad you” then called me behind class and talked to me about printing it out and saying I shouldnt have things like this.. seriously! chinese kiddie cartoons is what they say heh

  3. god you must have gone to a crappy nasty school…now college is a magical place…one day when i was there some guys got pictues of dragonball z characters faces and tied them to there heads and ran around college pretending to be those characters and fighting ha ha….college people are very nice and open minded……loads of anime artists there aswell….well im glad it didnt put you off liking anime and im glad your back into it 🙂

  4. you must be in a rough part of the uk then ha ha….practically everyone at my college loved anime and sometimes even did cosplay there.

  5. heh lucky your 1 of the only UK fans I know! the ones I know in real say Yeah we use to watch pokemon and yugioh ages ago

  6. of course i do…there great…i just got ghoulies 1 and 2 aswell…check out all the videos i shared with you including my new steve reviews one

  7. great man! anime and horror movies ftw.. your room is inspiring.. I’d have mine like that too with posters and toys and stff 😀 when I get my own place

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