My Spacesaver Microwave oven is completely dead?


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My wife was defrosting some ground beef and it wasn’t even 30 secs in when you could smell something burning… then all of the sudden it just shot down. No LED lights or anything. Circuit breaker and wall outlet are fine. What could it be? is the fuse? and how hard is it to find it?
**Breaker and wall outlet are fine, I tested the wall outlet with another appliance**

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When did Myspace come out with microwaves??? Oh dear, what’s this world coming to?!

4 thoughts on “My Spacesaver Microwave oven is completely dead?

  1. it your circte droad that went on your mictowave. you can get it fix but you should go out a buy a new one for , with it going to cost to if it.

  2. I had something similar more than years ago, with the same weird smell and a small amount of smoke. With some research, I found it to be a bad magnetron tube (the thing that makes the microwaves). The cost of the new tube was $ 90 and my labor, or a newer and nicer one for another $ 20. Guess which I chose?

  3. Check the outlet with some other small appliance to be sure the breaker is not off. Check the circuit breaker. Look at appliance manual for any easy fuse fix and list of other potential problems. If it is new (reasonably) take it back and get a free replacement. If no go for those, throw it away and buy a new one. Microwaves are in the same category as other throw-aways they don’t fix – toasters and coffee makers.

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