My Broker asked me to compile a list of office supplies I need. What should I get?

Letter Tray

k.huebbe asks:

I’m asking other agents, brokers, and office personal….what kind of stuff do I need? I’m thinking letter trays, file folder holders, pens, pencils, sharpener, hiliters, clipboards, what else?
hey real estate guy – NO i haven’t worked in an office which is why i’m asking. your answer sucks.

Best answer:

Answer by Real Estate Guy
have you ever worked in an office???

Take a walk thru staples and make a list.

2 thoughts on “My Broker asked me to compile a list of office supplies I need. What should I get?

  1. I’m an office administrator in a 2 person office and these are my desk supplies, specifically things I use every week, almost daily. Note: I work in a busy office and have a wide range of duties, so choose what you need!

    message pad
    paperclips/binder clips
    letter opener
    boxcutter (just a small one for opening boxes)
    liquid paper pen
    sticky notes
    staple remover
    various sized envelopes
    envelope sealer
    return address stamp/labels
    scale (for calculating postage)
    UPS/Fedex envelopes
    permanent markers (sharpies)
    ‘sign here’ & various color arrow tags
    hole punch
    tape dispenser
    rubber bands
    hanging files w/ file tabs
    manila files
    copy & confidential & urgent stamps (others if you need)
    binders if needed
    pen/pencil/envelope desktop organizers/sorters
    letter trays
    desk drawer organizer
    garbage can
    chair mat
    long phone cord if you don’t have a wireless headset

    I use a computer program for my calander and contacts, but if you don’t have this option, you’d need a paper calander system and contact/address & phone organizer

    It might help you to pick up an office supply store catalog and flip through it one night to get ideas.

  2. I might add:

    Dry erase board/calendar & pens
    Legal Pads
    Post It Notes
    Presentation Folders (for client’s papers, unless broker has some they give/sell you)
    Paper Clips
    A box of thank you cards
    Discs &/or CD’s
    Some sort of organizational aid for keeping your expenses (accordian type file?)

    That’s the stuff I use most… Hope it helps!

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