Life after Recycle Bin?

What happens to stuff after you delete it? Music taken from my forthcoming album (which is so insane only I will like it)

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25 thoughts on “Life after Recycle Bin?

  1. when you delete things from the recycle bin it doesnt go anywhere, it just adds something at the beginning so your pc wont recognise it….. but there are programs to retrieve them 😀 good for getting porn back after you have split up with the missus

  2. I was just randomly searching and found this channel and realised that you’re from the Confused advert

  3. yes and no. when you empty the bin the files are still on the hard drive. the computer now sees the space where the files were as empty and when you save something new it will overwrite that free space. so alot of the time you can use software to recover ‘deleted’ files. its just a faster way of deleting stuff as opposed to actually deleting it.

  4. I was laughing my ass off the entire time. I dont really know how this humour appealed to me, but it really caught me off guard.

  5. so the things you delete from your recycling been are all still stored on your computer, just with a code making them invisible?

  6. yup, basically… but it makes the data a tiny size… there are programs out there which you can use to “retrieve” deleted data…

  7. When you delete files from the recycle bin, all references to the data are deleted. So the information is still there, but you can’t access it. There is software to retrieve the ‘deleted’ files. To actually wipe the bit making up the file, you should defragment your harddrive.

    Pointless nerdy Information. 😀

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