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ok this is gunna sound childish but im really pissed off at microsoft. i bought a XBOX360 console about 3 years ago. i’v had to have it repaired twice within the same 3 months for defects. now i have a “refurbished” one that they send you when yours breaks. about 3 days ago i put a game “call of duty 4” in the disc tray and closed the tray. about 4 seconds later the console made a very loud noise and the screen went black. i could hear the disc spinning around violantly inside the console so i immediately took it out. the xbox ended up being ok, it still plays all my games accept call of duty. because the console did this, there a 1inch long scratch on the underside of the disc. this caused the game not to work because it freezes while loading. i’m certain that it was the consoles fault. so i called up the xbox hotline and spoke with a customer service agent. he told me that since they do not make the game, i had to call the manufactuer of the game “activision”. so i did and spoke to a man who said that since it was the consoles fault that i would have to call the xbox hotline. i told him i did and he said that i could get a replacement disc for $ 30. but im like, f*** this. its your fault the game broke, now give me a free one. both companies told me no. so basically it was the xbox consoles fault but they tell me to speak to activision. i call activision and they tell me either A. call the xbox hotline. or B. get a replacement disc for $ 30. BUT, i really dont want to pay the money only because i think i deserve a free game because it was caused by their product. do you think that this calls for legal action? not for the $ 30, but for a new agreement to be put in place by both companies so somebody will have to pay for damages caused by this problem?

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Answer by shiori matshumoto
Before you hire a lawyer and file suit, I suggest your first step would be to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau online. I recently had an issue with Asus over a missing part in one of their products and at first they refused to send me a replacement part, saying I should buy it from them instead. I wondered how I could trust them not to send me an empty box!? About a week after I complained on the BBB site, Asus contacted me and said they’d send me the part right away.

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