Is Adam Morrison the biggest draft bust ever?

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I really think he is and here’s my case. I know that most people think of Michael Olowakandi and Kwame Brown because they were number one overall selections and then people always say Sam Bowie because he was selected over Jordan. But in fairness to those guys Bowie’s career was hampered due to injuries and even though he became a journey man of sorts he was a starter for a good portion of his career and put up servicable statistics. In the case of Kwame he has not lived up to his potential but he was a starter in Washington, LA, Memphis, and now with Detroit where he is servicable he gets rebounds and scores between 8 and 12 a game. Olowakandi was a good shot blocker that started for the Timberwolves team that went to the Conference Finals and lost to the Lakers. He also had some years where he averaged around 14 points and 8 rebounds a game. Other guys to consider would be Joe Smith and Shawn Bradley but they managed to contribute as well. I know Morrison is young but he can’t even get off the bench, in fact in most games he doesn’t even dress. Nicholas Tskisvilli never played in the pros so he was pretty terrible as well but there was no hype around him, at one point people thought Morrison was the next Larry Bird.
Laettner is a good one I hadn’t thought about him but I would still say that he played in the league and got minutes Morrison doesn’t even dress when he plays. The Dream Team thing doesn’t matter Shaq really wasn’t worthy of that yet either they should have had Isiah on the team.

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Answer by Nudist Guy
Well he did make the all rookie team his first year, but I think what really affected his game was when he tore up his knee in the pre season against the Lakers in his second year. He hasn’t been the same player since.

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  1. No. Not at all, he and JJ Reddick were both big busts around the same time but there are others like Ralph Sampson, Sam Bowie….. But the all time biggest bust ever because he was so over-hyped (as they tend to do with white players) is CHRISTIAN LAETTNER!! He didn’t accomplish a damn thing as a player and had a pretty forgettable career. They even allowed this guy to play with the first olympic dream team back in ’92 instead of a more deserving Shaq

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