Install a shower or just a shower head?

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mrs.d asks:

I thought you could just attach one of those handheld shower heads to the tub faucet and just hang a hook above to hold the shower head. Am I crazy? I couldn’t find anything like it. Do I just have to install a shower.

New place just has a bathtub in the bathroom off the Master Bedroom.

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Answer by Don
I can imagine custom making something like that, but I don’t know that you can buy it. Normally, there’s a plug on the top of your bathtub faucet, and if you want a shower, you take the plug out and thread in a length of pipe instead, and the pipe goes up the wall to whatever height you want the spray head mounted at. It’s doable, but it’s going to require tearing into the wall from the opposite side to do it.

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  1. Massive Mann has the right idea.

    A major concern is the existing walls. If they are just sheet rock the shower water will ruin the walls in no time.

    If you need to protect the walls then it is easy to do the plumbing to have the shower head like it should be, with piping in the wall. This translates to more time and money but a much better job.

    GL ☺ ☺

  2. If you want something real quick, google” portable hand held shower” otherwise you need to follow massave manns advice. that is a kit that has a new tub spout to replace yours. it has a diverter valve in the spout. Or you can buy a new converter spout. then attach any hand held shower you wish.

  3. Normally, a bath tub has plumbing that runs up through a diverter valve through a pipe behind the wall, and up to a shower head. The diverter could also be integrated into the spout, where you pull a lever on the spout and it blocks the water going to the spout, which then sends it up the pipe to the shower head.

    I suppose you could remove the tub spout and install an adaptor that would let you connect the supply line for a hand-held shower. Then you would just always have the shower and the tub spout would be disabled.

    Still, to do it properly, you would tear out the wall, and install a proper diverter and shower head supply pipe.

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