I wanna help the earth what else can I do?

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DJ asks:

So I’ve been thinking a lot about this poor unhappy world we call home! I live in Washington State and haven’t really seen any recycling centers out here compared to California. I noticed that a lot of what I throw away is mostly plastic and paper and wanna change that! When I went to the store I bought the reusable bags for when I go shopping but that doesn’t seem like enough! I was thinking about getting one of those dirty clothes hampers that have 3 laundry bags separated and thought that would be a great sorter. Anyone have anymore great Ideas? O yeah and I have the Energy saver lite bulbs!

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Answer by MowYourOwnLawn
Do your part an take beano for the world !!!!! Flatulence is melting the ice caps, run for the hills !!!!!

7 thoughts on “I wanna help the earth what else can I do?

  1. oh for heaven sake a do good er. thanks now i will go light some more tires and burn them, oopps there goes the ozone, i said that because my son works for the garbage route and picks up all the recycled stuff, guess where it goes, to the dump with all the rest. sorry didnt mean to break your heart. but we are not winning this clean earth thing.

  2. Just do you part, as much or as little as you can, and it will all add up. Press forward with a steadfast faith that what you are doing can make a difference!

  3. saddly, the earth is getting torn apart by CO2 emissions, and the only way to stop this is start planting a garden, use meat as a condiment, and ride your bike.

  4. 1. Never eat anything that cast a shadow.
    2. When you exhale capture it in a plastic bag and only release it under a tree where it can be absorbed.
    3. The beano idea is great but it would be best to just not fart at all.
    4. Shove a raw potato in the tail pipe of every car you can find to stop pollution from coming out.

    More to come later;

  5. Get a group of people together to clean up public areas like the beach or the park. It is both fun and helpful. Also, you can make sure you turn off the water ANY time you are not using it (like when you are brushing your teeth). I would suggest writing to the person in charge of your area to try and get more recycling areas if there do not seem to be enough. Naming specific areas might be good. If you are feeling really daring, you may want to try solar paneling to decrease the amount of energy you use. Try only washing clothes after 7pm or before 10am. Try public transportation or bike riding if you do not already do that. It also saves money on gas 🙂

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