I need help with a shoe bag for textiles!?

Shoe Bag

sweetness asks:

You see, im making a “shoe bag” in the shape of a trainer (sneaker) as my textiles project, and im a bit stuck. It has to have something to close the bag (at the bit where you put you foot in).
I dont know what fastening i should use, or how i should close the top of the bag without having to bend the shoe itself!

The only idea i’ve come up with is to attach a zip to the outer edge off the tongue on the shoe, which will attach to the edge of the inside of the trainer (sneaker).

Can anyone come up with a better/ easier suggestion please?

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Answer by gecko_toes21
How about velcro?

One thought on “I need help with a shoe bag for textiles!?

  1. This is difficult to answer, without seeing your design. Is your bag 3-d? Or is it just two cut out shoe silhouettes, stitched together? Are you making a bag out of an actual trainer? Is the opening meant to look circular, or will it be a “line” shaped closure?
    Having said all this, I’ve seen these, which look quite similar to your project:
    I would suggest a similar closure – you could use a “sock” as a liner for your shoe-bag, then gather the top of the sock into a drawstring, like on the shoes above.
    Good luck!

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