I have a an over the door shoe rack that does not fit on my door is there any other way to hang it?

Shoe Rack

shlomo w asks:

I bought the “36 Pair Over-the-Door Shoe Rack” from bed bath and beyond and the door hooks are too small for my door. Is there any way I am able to attach the rack to my door without the hooks? or can I buy different hooks that would fit my door?

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Answer by skyalert
Open the door. Get a chair. Step up to the door with your over the door shoe rack. Bring your shoe rack up with you. Take your drill and a bit that is the dia of the screw threads you will use.

If it is plastic then drill a few holes in the part that covers the top of the door. Next, put it over the door and mark where the holes to be drilled into the door will be located. Find a flat headed or pan wood screw. 1-ensure that you have a screw w/head bigger than the hole in the plastic. 2- find a drill bit that is a little smaller than the threads.

Drill the top of the door where the marks that you made are. Put the rack over the door and line up the holes. Take your screws and screw through the holes in the plastic or metal right into the door.
Close door to check for rubbing from rack. If the rack is rubbing on top of door frame you can chisel out the frame where the rub marks are or you can chisel out the part of the door that is raised from the shoe rack. Close door and fill with assorted shoes.

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  1. i went to the bb&b site and looked at your rack. two choices, modify the door or the rack. i would choose the latter. bend the hooks until it can hang for a minute. drill through both the rack and door at the same time. take it down, cut off the part you bent to get it to hang then put a screw in each hole and attach. mind you the drill bit used first should be of a small diameter so as not to make a big hole in the door, then a larger diameter drill bit on the rack to actually accommodate a sufficient size screw. hope this helps

  2. yes, use a couple wood screws. however this will damage the door. check if larger hooks are available. you must have a thick door. good luck

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