How to prevent the trash can from getting the flies and worms in hot summer?

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ezstudio2006 asks:

How to prevent the trash can from getting the flies and worms in hot summer?

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put a lid on it!

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  1. Periodically pour bleach or ammonia in the can. This will also prevent the stray dogs, squirrels, racoons, etc from getting into your garbage. Good Luck!!!

  2. pour some bleach or oldfashioned lysol in the bottom of the can before you put the trash bags in, bag the trash in the house, dont put open garbage in the trash can ever. dont use bleach if its a metal can,

  3. Those little worms are called maggots and they’re disgusting aren’t they? Scrub or at least rinse can clean each week. Line with a good grade trash bag. Daily garbage should be going into a lined can in the kitchen. When full tie tightly and place in lined garbage can. That makes it doubled. As your prepping a meal you can also put peeling and scraps on newspaper. Roll tight, place in can. You can also spray Raid or any bug spray into the can, that keeps the flys away. Your best bet that will cost you a little money is to install a garbage disposal to get rid of 90% or better eatable food waste.

  4. EZ………This is how i have got rid of all my trash an garbage for years………i put it all in a box…with a ribbon around it and a bow on top..the ribbon and bow are recycled plastic bags….and the box i wrap in a white plastic bag….then i set it on the top of my car ( like i forgot to bring it in it while unpacking) In a matter of minutes the “forgotten”present will be whisked away and never seen again. I do this and take the boxes to the mall,post office,race track, bar,disco……and they always dissapear !! SO,,,NO MORE FLIES AND MAGGOTS…..the real maggots got real maggots…aaaarrrggghhh…aaaarghhhh

  5. separate dry and wet trash. wet trash attracts flies to lay their eggs on. their larvae of course are worms.

    a little bit of organizing 🙂

  6. Every time I put in a new bag I spray the inside of the bag and around the edge before placing on the lid with bug killer. But mainly the best way is to not put any food waste, or meat packaging in the garbage if possible.

  7. Get a composter and put all organic debris in there…that way your garbage will have nothing for bugs to eat in there…Either that or get some chickens and pigs that way you will never have leftovers!

  8. Always bag your trash. If you have something particularly nasty to put out, freeze it till the night before garbage day and then put it out in a bag. Put a splash or 2 of ammonia in the bag to keep critters out of it.

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