How to organize your dresser drawers and fold clothes How to organize your dresser drawers and fold clothes We would love to have neat, organized drawers, if only we knew where to begin. And now we do, thanks to Linda Koopersmith, The Beverly Hills Organizer, whose folding and storing techniques will have your drawers organized in no time.

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25 thoughts on “How to organize your dresser drawers and fold clothes

  1. hi what did you do today?
    i folded a thong and folded t shirts then thought they were the most beautiful thing in the world
    oookkkk theennn
    lol seriously,no wait a sec what bout trousers? this lady only owns thongs swim suits nd t shirts,what does she wear on her bottom half???

  2. I really like this method for storing shirts as it’s VERY space efficient, lovely to look at, and convenient to access.

    That said, I’m using a folding board (a small plastic cutting board) because a female’s shirts are never going to have identical necklines! Going by the neckline would probably work fine for a guy with all standard-type t-shirts and nothing else.

  3. if you have like 50 t shirts all made the same 50 tank tops all made the same, this would work. But i have blouses, silk tops, cut tops, crop tops, polo shirts, sweater tops, they wouldn’t all turn out like this and be the same size when i folded them, I think it would look a mess.

  4. @s13rr4buf3 well I’m a guy … and my tshirts don t have the same neck line either……. nor are they all standard type….

  5. @greetingsearthlings1 I have two kids under 3, a job, school and a ‘life’ yet I fold my clothes (except jeans), my boys clothes and my husbands clothes (except jeans) this way every time I do the laundry. Just don’t be lazy and organize your clothes while you put them away, its not a hard thing to do!

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