How to organize your closet and jewelry?

Lala asks:

Okay, I just moved and i have a smaller closet than my old closet
When i try to fit everything in my closet it looks messy.
I have very few things to be hung up but I have lots of purses & shoes, I have a very small walk in closet with about 20 inches long and 12 inches wide shelves. I also have a bunch of jewelry that I need to put in there, How do i organize this stuff.

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Answer by nivea41176
For your purses you can use shower rings. Clip a bunch of them to a regular hangar and then clip each purse strap to a ring. For your jewelry you have a few options. You can go the real cheapo way and use an egg carton. I don’t like it but they showed it on a home improvement show. Being that you have such little closet space, you could get a standing jewelry box that just stands alone as a piece of furniture. You could also put small nails or cup hooks in the closet along a side wall and hang necklaces and bracelets there and you can buy a ring stand which is just a base with a post to slide your rings on. For your shoes you could get an over the door shoe rack. Just google it and you’ll find one. Or you can keep them in a few shallow long totes and slide them under your bed. Good Luck!

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  1. Have you looked into a separate over the door holder for your shoes? If you have any space in your bathroom, you can buy small plastic trays for earrings and slide them into a drawer and a mini key rack that goes on the wall for necklaces & bracelets so they don’t get tangled that you can conceal in a separate closet in the bathroom or inside the bedroom closet.
    They have tons of under the bed storage containers now that you can get at walmart or target or even the grocery store for sweaters or tops. They also sell hangers that consist of 5 hangers that collapse onto themselves that allow you to hang more clothes up without taking up more space…or maybe it is a good time to weed out some things and free up more room…good luck!

  2. Get some jewellery boxes or similar for your jewells and put them on your dresser instead.

    Its probably a good time to go through your clothes and give away all the stuff you havent worn in the last year or even longer. Then hang the rest up and get some cheap stand alone shelves or one of those plastic carts to put the other items in.

    Heres a link to a shop that specialises in storage answers for the home, this is their bedroom storage page…you may not have one near you buy you will surely be able to find items similar in large department stores like Kmart and Walmart etc…

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