How to make new baby gift basket?


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My sister is due to give birth in a few months and my brother and I are planning on making up a gift basket for when he is born. Any parents have suggestions what would be useful to put in? We already have baby powder, shampoo, lotion etc, bibs, nappy rash cream, cotton buds and a few clothes at 3-6 months size.

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Answer by Sophie’s Mommy
Pacifiers and pacifier clips (and pacifier wipes if she will use pacifiers)
long socks that will stay on
gowns (for sleeping)
soft baby hair brush
receiving blankets
burp cloth
newborn or size 1 diapers
sea turtle sponge (for bath time… its about 5 dollars at babies r us)
a cute picture frame
something to take a cast of baby’s hand/feet
a memory book
cute stuffed animal
sound soother
Mylicon drops

5 thoughts on “How to make new baby gift basket?

  1. Almost everything is included in the bag. Though it does make enough sense but you can include few baby foods in the basket. When I gave the gift basket to my sister son when he was born, I brought it from surprisesgalore and you can also check it

  2. I had the same problem, with what to buy my nephew. I wanted to create something personal, so I decided on the Gift Basket theme like yourself. I found a website who had great offers for baby gifts, whilst also giving me an idea of what to put in them. Good luck in your quest. Hope your sister has a beautiful baby.

  3. You can add all manner of things to your gift basket such as a picture frame, rattle, bath book, rubber ducky, manicure set, door hanger, coat hangers, terry cloth, burp cloth, baby bath, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby soap, baby talc, baby wipes, baby qtips, hairbrush and comb set, feeding bottle, disposable diapers, a keepsake box for baby’s first haircut or first tooth!

    Add a mobile to hang above baby’s cot. Cuddle rugs, and cot sheets are always useful.

    Put all your goodies into a something she can use after like a tray to keep all of babies bathroom stuff in or a baby bath. Or use a tote bag or backpack and tuck lots of goodies into the pockets of the bag as well as inside.

    Don’t forget to include some special treats for her or make her a new mom basket just for her!

    Have fun!

  4. If she plans on nursing include some lanolin cream, travel wipes (to keep in the diaper bag), scented diaper sacks, various pacifiers if she going to use them, burp cloths, or a one year’s subscription to a parenting magazine. I’ve done a few baby gift baskets, the best items to put in them are things new mommies don’t realize they need until they are given to them. A pack of cloth diapers is always good because they are versatile.

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