How to install a shower rod, i.e. drilling into ceramic tile.?

Shower Rod

feef_ca asks:

No further details…..I’m just afraid that I’ll crack the tile.

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Answer by curmudgeon
there are pressure rods that don’t need drilling.

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  1. You can buy bits that drill through tile (not masonry bits) It easy but have a friend mist water on bit as your drilling to keep it cool. Buy a couple of this bit cause they do tend to break on ya.

  2. You can measure the tiles and be sure it’s even on both sides, then place tape over the place you want to drill and when you use the drill, don’t press hard. Let the drill do the work. After the holes are made, remove the tape and put up the rod.
    It may be far easier to get a springloaded rod instead of drilling the tiles. They are not expensive and work well. Good Luck

  3. you can buy a ceramic cuting drill bit from most hardware store then just drill a hole and put screws in hole
    use a bit that is just a little smaller then your screw

  4. All you need is a masonry bit! It is designed to drill into tile. Don’t use a high speed drill, as it will heat up the end of the bit, and lose it’s effectiveness, or break the tip off. If you have a variable speed drill, just keep it to a slow speed, and you will be OK! Good luck!

  5. Most shower rods adjust and tighten internally so they hold tight to the wall by friction. In other words you shouldn’t have to even get the drill out. Go to Bed Bath And Beyond, they will show you how to install it. Good luck

  6. Put masking tape onto the tile, to help the drill bit bite!
    Or if you have a variable speed drill, put it onto the lowest setting, and gently drill until it goes through the glaze.

  7. If you don’t know what you are doing there is a good chance you are right. Why don’t you get an adjustable extension shower rod. They look exactly the same, can hold the weight and are really easy to put up. They are adjustable, no nails, no screws and they stay up on their own from the on the force of the rod against the both walls. Most places that sell shower curtains and rods will have them.

  8. Use a ceramic tile drill bit and go really slow. They have a boradhead tip that helps drilling and dissipates heat. Might want to buy a few as they break fairly easy.

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