How to hook up a Dell to the internet with out a wireless card?


Sonnier_tribe asks:

My friend needs help with her Dell laptop, she can’t hook it up, it says you need a router and she has one but she can’t hook up too it. Can you help me?

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Answer by Ben
To connect a router, you have to turn off the modem, plug in the router, turn on the router, and then turn on the modem in that order. If you don’t do it that way, computers won’t be able to connect to the Internet. That may be her problem.

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  1. Is there a wi-fi card in her laptop? first i would try connecting the laptop to the router via a direct LAN cable. if the laptop has an ethernet adapter that is. Look on the back of the router there should be a few ports where you can connect the cable to connect the router directly to the computer. look for a slot on the side of the computer too. its possible you can connect dirrectly to the internet like that , without having to enter the router password. possible reasons it doesn’t work could be

    The laptop doesnt have a wi-fi card to send and recieve internet signal.
    If it does have this card it could be fualty.
    the wi-fi card’s driver could be missing , ( check your device manager)
    her router is not configuered properly ( if its new and from a shop she must set that up too)

    if the laptop is using windows open your network manager and try searching for available networks .
    you can only do that if windows recoginises that there is a wireless network adapter ( wi-fi card) you should definatly explore that area first. let us know how it went

  2. How old’s the laptop. If it doesn’t have a built in wireless card, then u can pick up a stick for like 20 bucks nowadays, USB wireless slide it right in and you’ll get connection 😉


    A) the router is a different story, if you don’t know how to hook it up there’s a manual it might not be that easy though… You need a main computer with the router that can send the wireless


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