How to fix a hole in sheetrock from towel rack?


yusuf asks:

I accidentally knocked my bathroom towel rack off the wall. It was one of the type with two brackets holding a rod in between.’

In order to repair this, since the towel rack will have to go back there, I have to repair the spot with enough strength to hold a wet towel. How do I repair the hole short of having to re-sheetrock the whole wall?

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Answer by Darth

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  1. Most home stores sell repair kits, consisting of a fabric you dampen & paste over the hole. You apply a thin coat of drywall compound, (included) In a day or two, you can smooth the surface. I would suggest repairing both of the mounting spots, & moving the bar to a slightly newer location. Re-attach the bar, anchoring to the studs behind the drywall, & end the worry of pulling it off again.

  2. Easy cheap and fast.

    Remove the entire bar and the remaining holder.

    Patch both holes with spackle and sand smooth.

    Move the location of the towel bar 1 1/2″, either up, down, left, or right and reinstall.

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