How should I label the 12 tabs in my coupon organizer?


JL_22202 asks:

I just bought a coupon organizer and it has blank tabs that you fill in. I am having a hard time coming up with the most effective categories. Does anyone have a good system, or a preprinted organizer and wouldn’t mind sharing the categories? Thanks!

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Answer by christy9977
I have mine arranged by months. That way I have all the coupons that expire in the same month together but I do have to go through & pick out the ones I want or that have already expired that month. It works pretty well. Hope this helps!

One thought on “How should I label the 12 tabs in my coupon organizer?

  1. You can do it alphabetically or by grocery store department:

    Frozen Foods
    Canned Goods
    Baking Goods
    Baby Goods
    Pet Store
    Paper Goods

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