How often should you bath a 6 month old?


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I have a 6 month old daughter. We usually give her 2 baths/week but if she has a blowout, we’ll give her a bath then also. Should we be giving her a bath every night or more often than what we are?

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Answer by Heather
yes every night she should have a bath…. not only does it keep her warm but it also sooths her to calm her down and babies normally love water from being in the tummy for 9 months… make sur to put lotion on her

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  1. My six month old is definitely mobile!
    He has a bath at least once a day, there have been days were it has been three baths over the day!
    Alex has been getting daily baths since birth simply because I FEEL filthy if I don’t bathe every day and not bathing a child every day leads to ADULTS with BAD BO who think it isn’t necessary to bathe unless they have been doing something to get dirty! Plus with Australian Aboriginal blood in us, it is imperative I get good bathing routines established ASAP (our tribe has a genetic odour that is not unreminiscent of cat piss, thankfully because we are very dilute it only comes out when bathing is not frequent enough)

  2. I don’t think she needs it every night. What you are doing is fine. That’s what we were doing too. But now our son LOVES the bath. So we pretty much do it every two days, for his own enjoyment. (And ours. lol) But yeah; Those days where he pees all over himself while I’m changing him, he gets a bath for sure that night!

  3. I seem to be in minority here. My 13 month old girl gets bathed once or twice a week unless she has been doing messy play. I spoke to my health visitor and she said that was fine. I do have a good reason – I only actually have hot water in my house about twice a week (am having my boiler replaced in about 6 weeks – finally!). I obviously wash her hands and face several times a day, and if she is dirty I’ll bathe her more frequently – I boil a kettle and add it to cold water in the sink if necessary. My health visitor told me that as babies don’t sweat unless they are ill, there is no need to bathe them every day, and bathing them too often can cause their skin to get too dry. (I stripwash or shower every day, but it’s in cold water – brrrrr – don’t fancy inflicting that on a baby!)

  4. I was bathing my daughter every night at that age. It was part of her nightly routine (still is actually) and she really enjoys her baths.

  5. I think twice a week is enough, she isn’t getting into stuff that is going to make her dirty so why bath her more often? I have never included a bath into the whole bedtime routine because there will be times when you are visiting family or travelling and she will not be able to have a bath before bed. if it is part of your bedtime routine you may not get her to go to sleep with out that bath.

  6. I give my 8 month old a bath every other night…unless hes dirty from food or whatever….weve been doing that pretty much since he was born…or “I” have been doing that ever since he was born should I say.

  7. My daughter is 5 mos and we give her a bath every other night. Let’s face it, it takes a while to get everything together and sometimes there is just not enough time in a day.
    This is our rule but there are obviously some exceptions.

  8. think of it this way…how do you feel only getting 2 baths/showers a week? every baby i have known or babysat has always had a bath at night right before bed. it calms the baby and helps them sleep at night.

  9. I am currently taking care of a friends 3 children plus my own 4 so time is hard to come by. Even with that being said each of the children get a bath before bed, the only exceptions being my 9 day old twins. They have only had 2 since their birth. My son is 19 months old and after he was about 1 month old he started getting a bath everyday, i didn’t wash his hair everyday though, only every other. Good luck, You like to be clean so does your baby.

  10. We give our daughter a bath every other night and always wipe her hands, face and toes after we bring her home from daycare with regular baby wipes. She’s 6 1/2 months old now and when she starts crawling around and getting more “dirty”, then we’ll give her a bath every night.

  11. How often to you shower? Most people shower once a day. Your daughter would be best with a bath every evening before bed time. It soothes them and what better way to keep them smelling baby fresh….as we all know, babies eat, drool, and pee and poop….all which smell… give her a bath every night…..good practice for later in life..

    good luck

  12. Until my twins were mobile, we were giving them a bath every 3rd night. Now that they are older and walking & crawling, we give them a bath every other night unless there is a reason to do it sooner.

    Best wishes!

    ETA – on the off nights, they get wiped down with a face cloth – bottom, hands, neck and face especially.

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