How much vinegar to clean mold off plastic shower curtain?

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I have a vinyl shower curtain with red mold on the bottom. I’ve read a few tips, including putting it in the washing machine with some vinegar and detergent. How much vinegar should I use?

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Answer by janzies
I think it would make more sense to just buy a new one. Even after cleaning it, I would still be concerned about having gotten all the mold off because even a small amount can make you extremely sick. Believe it or not, they actually sell half-decent ones at most dollar stores. To me, it wouldn’t be worth the risk.

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  1. Just buy a new shower curtain. I change mine several times a year! They are not all that expensive, and nothing last forever.

  2. Yes you can put it in the washer your normal detergent on HOT with 1/2 cup bleach or 1/2 cup vinegar. Let it soak a good hour or more.

    Then…..Put it in the dryer with some old towels for about 5 minutes. This is so it won’t be a cumbersome dripping mess. It will also soften the vinyl a bit so it won;t be wrinkly. Hang it back up to dry.

    Pink mold is a respiratory mold called Serratia Marcescens. It feeds off soap scum and other bath proiducts like conditioner.

    In the future ..Have a spray bottle of straight white vinegar in the bathroom and spray the curtian and tub daily with it after showers. The vinegar eats soap scum and mineral deposits. It only smells untill it dries.

    This mold is airborne. It is found in the elderly and young children with respritory problems. It can even be someone living next door.

  3. I use chlorine bleach to get rid of mold. I would put a half cup in the washer with the curtain and let it soak for while. I use vinegar to remove calcium deposits from my shower head. Bleach kills mold dead and it is long lasting.

  4. Too much and the smell will burn your eyes and nasal airways. Vinyl shower curtains give off a chemical stink already without mixing vinegar into the equation. Throw them away and go get the newer type (not vinyl) that you wash in the laundry.

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