How long should you leave a towel on your hair?


Janine asks:

I washed my hair a couple of minutes ago and I have had a towel on my head for about 5 minutes, but I thought somthing might happen to my hair if I leave the towel on my head too long. What will happen?

Best answer:

Answer by John Smith
Eventually your hair will dry and start pulling your blood out of your head and through your hair to absorb more. Thousands of people are rushed to the ER yearly for this, some don’t make it… So no longer than 30 minutes, seriously.

2 thoughts on “How long should you leave a towel on your hair?

  1. That’s enough really. I put mine in for like 3 minutes. Putting it in a towel won’t make it dry faster or anything. The main point is for the towel to basically make the hair not dripping wet right?

  2. All the little towel monsters are going to creep out of your towel and shave your head. Then when you take off the towel you will be bald. Hope you get that towel off soon!

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