How long does a three pound bag of rabbit food last?


K asks:

I’m planning on getting a 5 pound rabbit, and I just need some food before I can go buy a larger bag. I used to have rabbits, but we always used a 50 pound bag, which is what I am going to do again, I just need a smaller bag until I can get a 50 pound bag. I just need an average time.

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Answer by Maria P
Just get a regular size bag for now, if you don’t have the cash or the time to get the 50 pound bag just give him/her lettuce cracker, rice, cookie even dog food if you have any. I have a rabbit and he eat all the above, lol

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  1. It depends on how much you feed. I feed 2 rabbits 1/4 cup per day each (1/2 cup per day total), a 10 pound bag lasts about 10 weeks. So a 3 pound bag would last me about 3 weeks. If you feed more, they is won’t last as long but if you feed less, it will last longer.

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