How is your closet organized, when two people have to share it?


tinax3 asks:

I have to share a closet, and I need help on ideas to keep it organized, and split it up equally.

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Answer by E
The woman obviously needs more room than the man. Shoes are organized on the top in some shoe holders. Boxes with out of season clothes are on the bottom. Organize by color. That way making outfits is easier and you have more options.

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  1. Well, u said it already u split it equally then u have to measure everything and divide the area between u two. Declaring one’s area is having privacy for both. The two of you will respect each privacy and enjoying your closet though it is only one but you have put already a boundary for each. Ok enjoy sharing your closet with someone with declared limitations for both. .Goodluck….

  2. If you can fit one, buy a closet doubler, it will give you more room. In addition, a cloth shoe storer can help as well because it will save space and if you can fit some rubber maid stackable shelfs that can help to keep organized.

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