How effective is the dryer sheets in a paper towel tube trick?


B.O.L. asks:

It’s my first time trying weed, and i do NOT want my mom to find out. How effective would it be to stuff a paper towel tube with dryer sheets, then hold the joint inside and blow the smoke inside? Would the smell still stick to my hair and clothes? Or would there be barely and? And how much weed do you need to get high for about half an hour to 45 minutes?

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Answer by John
It works but I would use a plastic bottle instead and poke holes in the bottom then put 3 dreyer sheets in it (best to use viatamin water or gatorade bottle) dreyer sheets are prettty flammable so its best not to use a paper towel roll if you gonna put a joint inside. Or option B smoke in your backyard assuming u have one. As for the weed depends on ones tolerance.

2 thoughts on “How effective is the dryer sheets in a paper towel tube trick?

  1. It’s actually pretty effective; if you want to reduce the smell as much as possible I’d say use the dryer sheet trick, but DON’T use a joint, get a pipe or something you can easily smother while you’re not actively smoking…a joint will continue burning when you’re not using it and waste weed/produce more smoke/smell.

    Blow hits straight out the window too; but I’m sure you already figured that…

    The amount you’ll need depends on your tolerance & how good the weed is. Average strength I’d say just a couple bowls & you’ll feel good.

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