How do you get rid of mold on your shower curtain?

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cmrsjl16 asks:

I have mold on the bottom and sides of my shower curtain. How do I clean it off instead of spending more money every couple of months to get a new one.

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Answer by John Black
bleach it. let it sit. wipe it. rinse it.

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  1. Put it in the washing machine with bleach on the hot water setting. I do it all of the time, and it comes out nice and clean.

  2. You should spray it with Lysol disinfectant spray to kill the mold/mildew. If the stains are persistant, you can spray bleach or a bleach-based cleaner on them and rinse. Use Lysol on a regular basis to keep the mold/mildew from coming back. You won’t have to replace it every couple of months anymore!

  3. I spray my shower curtain with bathroom soap, scum and mildew remover, then I put it in the washing machine. It works every time. If your shower curtain is fabric and cannot take a product with bleach (most mildew removers have bleach), then use a product without bleach.

    You can also put a shower curtain and or liner in the dryer. Stand by so when it is dry you can immediately put it back on the shower rod rings while it is still pliable. Otherwise it will be a wrinkled mess when it cools off. In that case just turn the dryer on again for a very short time and the shower curtain will become soft and pliable again for an easy, wrinkle free application.

    True, tried and tested myself.

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