How do I make a young girls’ room (11) look girly and get it organized?

Bench Hamper

Cocacheer asks:

She has TOO much stuff!

She needs to be able to store

LOTS of clothes
school, quiz bowl, basketball & cheer, and family info & materials
guinea pig
jewelry boxes (3)
ps2 gamecube Nintendo DS N64
guinea pig food & treats
hair things
dolls (expensive & Porcelain) Porcelain (7) expensive others (9)
stuffed animals
dollhouses (under bed is a must!!!!!!!!!!!)
digitals ( camera, phone, games, webcam, txt messenger, etc.)
blankets & sheets

This all needs to fit in a 8′ x 16′ room with a 3-4′ wide door on the 8′ side


bed (DUH! lol)
closet (not built in to room)
guinea pig cage & table it’s sitting on
storage bench
shelf (sits on floor not very tall)
shelves on wall x2 small
shelf built in wall
mirror ( on dresser )
laundry hamper & toat for clean clothes storage


btw. the walls are pink and the floor is dark green (ew)

Best answer:

Answer by Mintee
Wowzers! This is a huge task you are taking on all at once! Are you planning on tackling on this project with the help of your daughter, I hope? You can do all the organizing you want & get everything in place, but the only person that will serve is YOU. Get her in her room, have her empty it completely. She needs to go through everything she owns & decide what she can’t live without, & what she hasn’t touched in the last 6 months.
*In another room, put 3 very large boxes, or laundry baskets. Label them ‘Trash’, ‘Donate’ & ‘Keep’
*Start by organizing things by catagories, for instance, all her clothes.
* Have her ‘donate’, or throw out, any clothes that she has not worn in the last 6 months, or anything she just doesn’t like, or just won’t wear. It does not matter if it is brand new, or if it is sentimental, it needs to be out of her room.
*Continue on with this procedure until you & your daughter have gone through absolutely everything she owns.
*While her room is empty, evaluate what kind of furniture, shelving, & other storage units she needs in her room.
*Now is a good time to look into fresh paint & carpet. If new carpet is not in the budget, look into a large area rug. Take your daughter shopping with you. She can help pick out colors.
*Ikea has great storage supplies, & shelving units.
*Also, look into those vacuum-type, space saving, storage bags for out of season & extra bedding, & clothes.
* See what she has in her room that can really be stored SOMEWHERE ELSE in the house.
*When you have gotten all the new storage supplies & shelving & everything elsse you need to be sure everything will have a good place in her room, have YOUR DAUGHTER put it ALL away, NOT you!! You can over-see what she is doing, maybe make suggestions only if she needs it, but have her put her own things away. That way she will take ownership of her belongings, & know where everything should be that makes sense to her.

You should know that this is not a task to be completed in 1 day only. You should have your daughter sleep in another room until this huge project is completed.

Good luck! Happy cleaning!!

One thought on “How do I make a young girls’ room (11) look girly and get it organized?

  1. Wow, yeah she has some stuff!!! LOL Okay, although I do this for a living. There is some things that would have made this easier, like where are all the doors and windows located in her room. So, without actually having the exact dimensions, I am going to try and give you some ideas and links to give you the visual.

    Here goes….the issue here is when you can’t extend out, you go up!! What I mean is make sure you are utilizing your ceiling height to it’s fullest. If you have a long uninterrupted wall…go to Home Depot or Lowes and purchase 2 separate base kitchen cabinets. Along an 8′ the uninterrupted wall (without the doorway in it) place one base to the left and one base to the right.

    Buy a laminate countertop that will extend over both of them,as in 8’ft piece. This now provides closed storage at the bottom of each cabinet base and the countertop becomes her desk. Buy two 36″ base cabinets. Very affordable at only about $ 135.00 ea. or less.

    Buy them in clean pure white. At 36″ ea. x 2= 72″ the wall is 8 feet. 72’inches gives you 6 ft. along that wall of cabinetry. This leaves a 2ft opening underneath the countertop in the center for your daughters desk chair and remaining hidden storage under the built in desk. Above the base cabinetry (remember one at 36″ left, one at 36″ right) with a countertop (8ft) extending whole length of 8 ft. Thid gives you striage behind closed doors for audio, video, and gaming equiptment.

    The start shelving going up wall at 11″ above countertop, add shelving all the way up until you have come to 11″ just below ceiling. If there is a window in between, add to left and right if window same concept. Take measurements of ceiling after cabinet base has been factored to determine how many you can run up the wall in 11″ between each shelf. Gives enough room for her books in between shelving. (she no longer needs the desk b/c one is being built in.)

    Jewelry storage….there are mirrors that hang on the back of the door that open up and on the inside it store all of your jewelry. offered at and other places as well. If you do not want to spend money on back of door jewelry armoire, take a piece of corkboard and glue to the back of your daughters door and buy tons of cheap push-pins that she can hang her jewelry from. Gets her jewelry out of the way and concealed behind door.

    Guinea pig cage…..Take a piece of plywood and cut to exact top measurements of guinea pig cage, place cut plywood on top of guinea pig cage, and this can be used as a bed side table for her. (no different than the dog crates on market that are also side tables too. Take light weight breathable fabric to conceal cage below.

    To provide more floor space remove dresser mirror from base of dresserand hang from wall, if you don’t have enough space to fit it. Take dresser move to end of bed.

    If you cant get rid and replace green rug, repaint wall to a soft sage or opt to go funky/girly and make the wall purple. By coordinating purple/green bedding that is modern.

    Check out andwww. also Check out and see what I mean. Also http://www.Target. com really cool purple and green bedding at all these stores and very affordable

    Replace any hampers or totes with retractable foldable type. When not in use they will be out of her way., and they can be folded and stored in a drawer.

    In addition, tp provide greater underbed storage buy bed lifts..check out and ebay…they sell for $ 20.00 for 4 lifts.

    Next they make underbedskirts that are clear and have pockets in them for storage…check out This will hold her shoes, extra toys, books, etc. Place regular bedskirt as normal over this storage bedskirt. If you do not wish to purchase and are handy with a sewing machine, take a regular bedskirt, extra fabric and sew pockets to it going all around bed.

    Next, their are storage boxes on rollers that can be purchased to fit under her bed for more storage…

    Well, I think I have covered all of the items and where to put them as state above. Remember to weed put any garbage or items she no longer wants and give to charity. If you have any questions e-mail me. Happy Organizing and Decorating!!

    Hope this info helps!

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