How do I eliminate a musty odor from the closet?


KathyKat asks:

I have a pretty small closet (unfortunately) and noticed that sometimes my clothes and inside the closet smell a bit musty? How can I prevent this from happening in the future?

-Is it best to keep closet doors open or closed?
-Should I keep clothes wrapped in plastic or unwrapped?

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!


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Answer by abagtha_778
you can try moth balls….or leave door open…whenever you can

11 thoughts on “How do I eliminate a musty odor from the closet?

  1. When I bought my first house I had the same issue. I also had one with cig smoke in it.

    I used this spray called Approach. I cleaned everything out of the closet and sprayed every inch of it a few times with the spray. I left the door open, went back after an hour and sprayed again. It completely removed the odor.

    In general keeping the door open helps. You can also keep it clean and dust-free. Spraying periodically as needed helps too.

    Give it a try it’s great stuff.

    Good luck!

  2. Are the clothes jammed together? Time to have a garage sale if the answer is yes. I know you have a small closet, but jamming clothes in a small area can cause musty. Once, you get rid of the, I WILL NEVER WEAR CLOTHES, CLOTHES THAT ARE DECLARED UNFASHIONABLE, CLOTHES THAT HAVE HOLES OR STAINS. Air out the the closet. There is no need to keep clothes in plastic wrap if its something you will not wear in the present day. If its in plastic wrap that you have not worn for a year. Guess WHAT. Time to get rid of it. I know parting with clothing is not an easy thing to do, but the benefits of those who need clothing is a bigger pleasure. OPEN YOUR HEART, air your closet. If you cannot bear and are in denial you have too many clothes, hang some air fresheners on some coat hangers in your closet. You problem is, your trying to fit too many clothes that you never wear or hope to wear, in such a small space.

  3. You could put neem leaves or leaves that Taste (yes, taste!) sour…also keep empty boxes of Incense sticks, they work for long periods of time.

    Keep closet doors partially open or open as much as you can. Wrapping clothes won’t help at all. Clothes need air to get rid of body odour and things like that. Let them breathe.

  4. I don’t know for sure if this will work, but I have an idea.

    Instead of trying to get your closet to smell better, try getting the rest of your house to smell worse. This way, when you go into your closet, you’ll like the smell.

    Just an idea. (…and it will only cost you a vote for BEST ANSWER)

  5. fabreze does wonders on clothes. You might try carpet fresh on the floors. Leaving the door open may help, but then your clothes can get dusty & defeat the purpose. Wrapping them in plastic won’t help much for odors.

  6. Spray Lavender linen water on your clothes or put lavender sachets in your closet. Or, you could put a airfreshener in there. Frebreeze could be good too. Good luck.

  7. First find the source of the smell. It my be something you unexpect. Then, clean the closet, wash the floors, and keep the door open for a while.

  8. Tell your friends to come out of the closet. The big weekend is only two away, so now is a good time. They must respect the purple.

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