How can i make my own fish tank divider?


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I have a 10 gallon tank all set up and ready for two MALE bettas. I obviously need to make a divider for them, but i have not seen any in any pet stores. Please tell me how i can make my own.

Please do not answer saying anything about is it a proper tank, do you have the right heating ect because i have been fish keeping for 17 years and already know what i am doing, i have just never dealt with a divider before.

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Answer by jogi
Most pet shops have spare suctions. Get a few of those, the ones that have 2 suction cups with a thin slit in the middle to grab thin glass.

Then, go to a bookshop. You can get plastic boards, that are either translucent or opaque. They are about the thickness of a glass, but they are quite cheap and the good thing is you can easily cut them up for your desired size because it isn’t nice looking having a huge piece of glass towering through the tank midway.

Anyway, take the plastic board, cut it up to your desired size, slip on 2 of the suction things at each side (so you will need a total 4) and slide it midway through your tank, and your divider is done!

Better than glass in my opinion. Just did it yesterday. Lightweight, easy to manipulate, cheaper.

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  1. I’ve found a link about how one person found a better way to divided his 10-gallon tank for his Bettas. I don’t trust anything that comes with a simple clear divider because the Bettas will still see each other, flare up and possibly stress them out so much that it would kill them. Check out what this person done with his project to make a better divider for a 10-gallon tank.

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