How can a control system be designed to make a marble sorter function?


Jasmine T asks:

and i dont wnat to know the color crap just about the control system plz!

Best answer:

Answer by Borg drone
I can think of about 100 different ways to do this. It really depends on what sort of mechanism you choose.

I suggest you start with a flume (funnel) that feeds the marbles (via gravity) down a narrow trough wide enough for one marble to pass. At the end of the trough, have a solenoid-actuated gate. When the gate is closed, the flow of marbles stops and you can check the color at the head of the line.

Then have a motor driven system of bins (I suggest a set of cups on a rotating tray). Position the correct bin for the marble under the trough and open the gate just long enough for the one marble to fall into the cup, then close the gate and sort the next marble.

It can all be controlled using a PC and some simple electronics.

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