25 thoughts on “Hook – Trailer

  1. Cant believe people actualy are hating on this movie. I grew up with this movie, and everytime i watch it, i feel like i did back then. ‘Cause the truth is, we are all lost boys! BANGERANG!

  2. How Can This Movie Have 11 Dislikes?I May B 16.But I Grew-Up With This Move.Eveytime I Went Over 2 My Grampas He Would Put This On,Then We Would Watch It.& I Think Thouo’s 11 People Shood B Thowin In2 The Boo Box.
    Rhysjbfanboy .

  3. @prejusapatrick IK Right?Now People Want 2 Watch Movies Like Avatar.I Saw That In Theaters,& It Wasen’t Even That Grate.I My B 16.But This Movie Is Awesome!I Grew Up Watching This.& Now.People Say That Crapy Avatar Movie Is The Best Movie Ever.But It’s Not.I Meen.I Liked It.But Old Movies Like This Are Better.

  4. why the fuck does it say “not-so-perfect-movie” in the description? I love this movie, it’s one of my favourites all time… omg

  5. @theultimateotaku I loved this movie when I was a child and looking back, I think it was such a clever, original idea and the movie had so much heart! Even if it didn’t apparently turn out exactly as Spielberg wanted, I still think this movie deserves more credit than it receives.

  6. How is this movie in comparison to the 2003 Peter Pan film with Jeremy Sumpter and Rachel Hurdwood? Because I love that version. ๐Ÿ™‚ is there a Wendy in this one?

  7. @cindyrella83 In this movie, Wendy is a grandma. Peter Pan is old and have children that Hook took to Neverland. And Peter doesn’t remember that he is Peter Pan. I prefer Hook thank the 2003 movie.

  8. i remember watching this as a young kid now im 18 now and still think itsa great classic when uve watched it from a young age it never gets old

  9. Oh my, chills down my spine. I love this movie so much. >< Even 15 years after watching it for the very first time.

  10. Watching the trailer I thought it would get people itching to go if they showed some scenes in actual netherland but actually that makes it perfect cos when people see it in the cinema they have no expectations and it’ll be like “welcome to nether;and” I wasn’t even born yet to watch this in the cinema! <:( but seeing it however is valuable enough

  11. @MrBleon84 I remember the nighnties a little. I was born in the late nighnties. I remmeber 1999 when my brother was a little baby :3

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