Homemade Shower System, Would this work?

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eddie9551 asks:

OK I live in the city and have great water pressure in my shower.
could I take some pvc piping, 1/4 to 1/2 or whatever in diameter, make a square the size of the shower with tubes in the square (would look like a bbq grill but made of pvc piping.) Put small holes in the piping every 1/2 or 1 inch or so. Suspend it above my head and hook it into the shower.
Would I get any kind of pressure out of it? Do you think it would make a good shower?
Would be cool to do a rebcage type thing where you had spray from your neck to your ankles ising the same type of system
No I am not smoking weed.

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Answer by jwtindale
it would be wierd looking, but you could build an elaborate cage all around you so that water shot at you from every direction. The trick is to make the holes in the pipe small enough so that it doesnt let all the pressure out through one hole. the more pipe you add, and the more holes you make will reduce the pressure by each hole.
Just make sure when you do it, it doesn’t leak anywhere and that it doesn’t spray beyond the boudaries of your shower.

5 thoughts on “Homemade Shower System, Would this work?

  1. Hmmm… Kind of like a human car wash?

    Couple of thoughts: I myself don’t care to have my head continuously barraged by water the whole time. Plus as another responder suggested, it would really waste water.

    If you want to continue, I would suggest you use a shower diverter neck like for the hand-held units – regular showerhead or wand. Put a water reducing showerhead on it. Connect the portion that would go to the wand to your contraption.

    You’ll need to use the 1/2 PVC for volume and rigidity. Try the smallest sprinkler holes first. Maybe somewhere between 1/16″ and 1/32″. Hook up a piece outside to your hose first while you experiment with hole sizes. (Less mess!) But I guess it depends on if you want a carwash type spray or something akin to a rain shower?

    I’d probably let the reducing showerhead provide the spraying action, and then divert to your overhead contraption for a calming deluge for the final rinse! (Keep that cycle short to conserve water.)

  2. i dont think you would get enough pressure to run grids full length in a standard shower.you may try your vertical approach facing you from the front .also vary hole diameters as to release pressure more evenly from start to finish.good luck

  3. Eddie, you sound very creative but I think you’d be wasting a lot of water and have a hard time controlling the pressure. Also, small PVC pipe isn’t that stiff. It bends a bit. I picture it swaying while you’re trying to shower 🙂 There are good shower heads on the market which are large and give you the effect of standing in a rain shower. I bought one about a year ago for $ 40. Buying one of those might be an easier and more sure way of getting the effect you want. Good luck!

  4. You remind me of that Seinfeld episode where Kramer was doing everything in the shower, including cooking meals!

    I think if I were doing that, I’d get prepared to have a big mess on my hands, because water could just go everywhere. But you sound inventive and handy, and maybe if it works, you should patent it because it sounds like a pretty trendy idea.

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