has the shower rod ever fallen on you before?

Shower Rod

IDGAF asks:

5 times in under 10 minutes. >:|

oh and how do you react?
i’m just like WTF o – o
@Holy Moly- I bet you wasted a couple minutes of your life with that answer just to sound like a smart a-hole. And if you think that the polls & surveys section is full of serious questions then i don’t know where you’ve been.

Best answer:

Answer by ✩
No! but now I’m scared! o.O

8 thoughts on “has the shower rod ever fallen on you before?

  1. Yes!!! It happend yesterday for the first time while I was taking a shower, and I was like W.T.F IS THIS SH!T then i start panicking because I try to pick it up but the showers going and i’m naked and everything getting wet and i’m slipping. It’s the worst experience ever -__- well….one of them.

  2. OUCH!
    It’s not fallen on me….YET.

    btw, how did it manage to fall on you so many times?! i mean, didn’t you run away after the first time?! i would have! you’re brave! 😀 ;P 😉

  3. Another brilliant question about nothing at all. And when the poll is complete, the answer will likewise be meaningless to all but the insane. Thanks for being there.

    The answer you were looking for, cause I really want to help you out, is : No

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