ESD Curbside Recycling Video

From their website. Neat video on recycling in San Diego, also shows some rare Curbtender footage. Credits to City of San Diego.

Video Rating: 5 / 5

22 thoughts on “ESD Curbside Recycling Video

  1. I have seen this video a few months back on San Diego’s website. I’m suprised that YouTube allows users to upload videos from a city website. BTW, I saw a San Diego ESD Rapid Rail/320 @ 1:05, a few months ago. LOL.

  2. memo too folks dont put tires in the blue bin and dont put green waste in the blue bin i fukin hate people that do that then bitch cause it wasnt picked up i hate people that throw paint in the trash and if people have that damn foam chips put it in a bag so it dont litter the streets LOL

  3. Some of the videos that you find on websites can be really neat, thanks for the share. Those blue carts look pretty new and the curbtenders look awesome!

  4. i think that toronto solid waste has started using curbtenders on some of the routs, they’re working on getting all the routs automated

  5. so in san diego the blue can is picked up by a curbtender is the black still a peterbilt or elliptical and the green what?

  6. James, the ellipticals do pretty much three quarters of the black cans, the rest by octo Amrep ASL. The blue are collected all by octo Amrep, and each area pretty much has a neighborhood where the Wayne does recycling. They only half a dozen Waynes, if not less. The greens re one manually, all by rear loader or front loader, and I am assumign we should include the areas with automated cans as well under those done by rear loaders.

  7. Yeah someone was just loading up dirt into a blue bin once…It’s like come one, read the instructions and just FOLLOW THEM. Don’t know if he set it out though, maybe was just using it as a wheelbarrow for some reason??

  8. Exactly right. In a nutshell: recycling=(Amrep) Octo (Octagonal) ASL
    trash=Mostly Elliptical, some Octo
    Manual greens (majority of SD)=PakMor RL or Wittke FL with carry can
    Auto greens (some very limited areas, footage to come this month or next)=unknown for sure

  9. I wish we had this truck in City of La colors, or maybe on the ACX chassis as well. I heard Curbtender will bid on the upcoming LA deal.

  10. Yeah I used to always want to see one of the Octos do recycling for once (and ironically that day I wished that, one came….) but now RRs of course never come and it’d be cooler to see those back again haha…

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