Do you need a pencil case for high school?

Pencil Case

Another MJ Fan asks:

Do you need a pencil case for high school?
just wondering. because i like to carry one, but my brother is going to be a jr, and he only carries pencils like in his pockets…

do most people have pencil cases? i just want to know, so it isnt weird if i have one or if it will be a hassle to carry it around.

thank you.

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Answer by CashMaker
you don’t if you don’t mind losing your pencils.. mostly everyone at my school had one.

15 thoughts on “Do you need a pencil case for high school?

  1. well i’m in college & i’ll graduate in 2 months from now..

    i have 2 full big pencil case

    u should make ur note more interesting

  2. um at my school girls usually use pencil pouches (sumtimes they r not even rlly pencil pouches, they r like, makeup bags etc) but not the kind u stick in yur binder. some girls use pencil boxes but they usually get them from places like the hello kitty store…or other places with boxes like that. u know, small and barely holds three pens.

    guys usually use a pencil pouch that goes in their binder or they just throw their pens and pencils in their backpacks.

    i use a cute pencil pouch.

  3. You don’t NEED one. If that’s what you’re comfortable with, sure. Guys are different anyway. Every guy in my school gets a new pencil every day from a teacher or off the floor. Girls have them in their purse. Don’t carry a purse? No problem. If you only have a few minutes to walk to each of your classes, why not just carry the pencil?
    Of course….. someone could push you and stab you O_O.

  4. Are you required to put your backpack in your locker? If so, I’d personally find it a hassle, but I’m terribly lazy. At my school, lockers were optional. Most people just brought their bags to class. In that case, if I had a pencil case, I’d probably use it. Maybe. Again, I’m pretty lazy, I was lucky to remember a writing utensil.

  5. no you probably do not want to have a pencil case in high school.
    most people just leave their pencils and pens and such in their front pocket of their backpack.

  6. I would’ve died without mine last year.
    It’s really a lot more convenient.
    A lot of people at my school have them. I would definitely use one.

  7. it’s better to carry a pencil case because it’s easier to manage your pencils. I didn’t have a pencil case freshman year because i just put the writing materials in a special pocket in my backpack, so that’s an option. It isn’t weird to have a pencil case.

  8. haha i really wouldn’t bother.
    they’re kinda tacky and annoying.

    girls keep them in their pockets or purses.
    guys just keep them in their books or their pockets.

  9. what does this gotta do with anythin??
    and idk? hu cares?
    not like people are gonna notice and point
    ”OMG look at her PENCIL CASE!”

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