25 thoughts on “Deftones- Digital Bath (with lyrics)

  1. I have had the pleasure of seeing Deftones in concert serveral times(UK guy), & wen i saw them last november @Brixton they played this amazing song. It’s my favourite tune & i’d never seen them perform it before. Mesmerising, an epic masterpiece of song writing geneius
    & for that, I thank you Deftones, & thank all their fans for appreciating their genre-defining music. 1LOVE4CHI

  2. Yo this is such a great song but these lyrics are really fucked up lol. He’s electrocuting someone in a bathtub with an electrical toaster or phone or something. Pretty weird shit

  3. told my friend to listen to this song, told her it was awesome, she didnt agree….theres one less friend on my facebook now.

  4. @frogblunt I think that’s the point, to juxtapose such a beautiful song with such ugly lyrics. Know what I mean?

  5. @kpo107420 To show people you can make a song sound beautiful, even if its totally fucked. So if people like it, they should still like it even when they read what it’s about. btw not sure if you like this shit at all but i just listend to a song that got me fucking pumped. Its called fire in my brain by brian brainstorm. I know its completely irrevelvant tho, i just like all kinds of music and i thot people shud hear it. i cant stop listening to digital bath, soooooo good.

  6. @frogblunt Nah man, I gave it a listen but it’s not my style. Too techno-ish for my taste. But if you dig it then that’s all that matters. And yeah, there’s tons of good music out there, from Deftones, to Bach, to Immortal Technique, Fear Factory, etc.

  7. @kpo107420 yeah i like immortal technique. speaking of fucked up lyrics, he’s the king. look up dance with the devil, if you dare. little too fucked up lol not even a good beat.

  8. made a acoustic version of this song, also concept video for it. check it out! go to my channel and find it under my uploads cuz the video response on this video is fucked.

  9. This is a GREAT song. The lyrics are amazing. I love how Chino can take something beautiful, and twist it up. That’s real art people. Changing something that was never meant to be changed, and doing it so professionaly.

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