Can a US Visa holder apply for a temporary work permit or FM3 for Mexico?


chris’swife asks:

My husband is going for a wedding shoot in Mexico and I will be traveling with him because we’re planning to have a short vacation after the wedding but most likely I will assist him some during the shoot if needed and we thought that instead of just a tourist visa, I should apply for an FM3 as well just to be safe. I’m not a US citizen but a valid visa holder. Is this possible? Thanks!

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Answer by PRL
If your husband is an American and you are a Mexican citizen I would say yes apply for the FM3. However, there is a caveat to doing that, once you announce that you are in Mexico on a commercial trip you will immediately run head on into an old Mexican tradition called the “mordida”. If you are of Mexican citizenship you know what I mean.

In it’s most liberal meaning….graft. Getting a permit to do anything in Mexico is not simply a matter of applying for it and paying the fee.There will be other “considerations” that will add to the cost in the end.

1st scenario to consider: If you do obtain an FM3 on the border, the local police, or federales of the city or town where the wedding shoot takes place may not honor the FM3. They won’t entirely disregard it just place certain restrictions on it that will make it impossible for you to continue shooting unless there is a Mexican photographer also involved in the picture taking.

2nd case scenario: The Mexicans may refuse the FM3 due to your displacing a Mexican photographer. In which case they will not allow you entry into Mexico unless you enter minus your equipment, after all, you are attempting to go work in their country.

Having worked on the Southern border for many years my advice to you is to ask all the questions that will apply to your husband working in Mexico long before you even ask for the FM3.

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