Box 1 and Box 16 of one of my w2 have different numbers is that ok?


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Box 1 is that wages, tips, and other compensation box and box 16 is the state wages, tips, etc. I was paid hourly with no bonuses or tips so I dont understand why they are 2 different numbers. I also only work at one location for this company.

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Answer by luv_pink_06
yes i tink it is okay

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  1. It’s not unusual. If you have any kind of pre-tax deductions from your wages, they are often still taxable by the state but just not the feds. Examples might be 401K contributions, or medical insurance premiums.

  2. Your federal wages will almost always differ from your state wages, since there are deductions that reduce your federal wages but do not reduce your state wages.
    Examples, depending upon your state, of these deductions include some medical/dental deductions and contributions to qualified retirement accounts such as a 401 (k) that are taken directly off the top of your paycheck. Usually, these deductions are not allowed or counted by the state, so the state wages tend to be higher than the federal wages.

  3. Yes it is okay,

    Did you have any benefits like health insurance, or did you purchase company t-shirts, that may have been deducted from your pay. This may be the reason why there is a difference. Was there an employee stock plan, where you could purchase stock, or medical savings.

    If this does not answer your questions. Ask your employer, they will most likely give you the phone number to their accountants office who prepared them, or they will find out them selves why there is a difference. I beileve they are required to tell you why there is a difference. But it is usually perfectly normal.

    Good Luck. Hope that helped.

  4. Your company is trying to shelter money using you as the patsy so you need to call the IRS immediately and report them.

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