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dodge1 asks:

im a 14 year ol boy im 5`5 and my shoe size is a 9.0 mens. do you think i will get any taller. it`s weird that most of the girls in my grade tower over me now i once was taller than them.

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Answer by pathfinder
Everyone’s height is determined by heredity, nothing you can do about that.

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  1. Boys continue growing after girls do. Look at how tall your parents are and that can give you a clue as to how tall you will grow. But girls stop growing at about 16 and boys continue to grow until about 19. So chance are you will get taller. Give yourself time.

  2. I have a friend who has a shoe size 11. Girl.
    All my friends call her Catherine Big Foot.

    By the way, some people believe that the larger the size of a guy’s shoe , the larger his penis is…Stupid, but might be true

  3. that is average size for a 14 year old. my brother is 18 years old and his shoe size is 16. he has to buy his shoes at a special place. but your fine your shoe size is definitely average.

  4. It’s very normal for girls to be taller than boys at that age. You’re likely to keep growing, especially if others in your family are taller. Eat protein and don’t smoke! I’m serious!

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