Anyone know of a personality sorter that sounds like this?


Penguinous asks:

My psychiatrist was telling me about a personality sorter that used 9 personality types and some sort of graph that shows the way the 9 can move to the others. It talks about how one looks at his/her best or worst in addition to general characteristics.

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Answer by georgia_1234567890
I have heard of this.

You’re assigned four letters, like ITRU or something, which corresponds to a kind of analysis of your personality type

Your psychiatrist would be able to tell you more about it, and administer one to you, if they feel its appropriate for you 🙂

One thought on “Anyone know of a personality sorter that sounds like this?

  1. enneagrams, where are you seeing this psychiatrist I want o see them!
    either way, your generalizing yourself. don’t do that!
    But I’m a nine I guess you could………..

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